The Cedar Falls Raceway is located in the quaint town of Iowa Falls, smack in the middle of Iowa farm country. This legendary raceway was originally constructed in the 1960s and sanctioned as a member of the American Hot Rod Association. During the 1980s, the Raceway switched affiliations, becoming a member track of the National Hot Rod Association. Still the most thrilling ¼ mile in the whole state, today, the Cedar Falls Raceway has been renamed the Cedar Falls Motorsports Park and is now a member track of the International Hot Rod Association. If you’re looking for the official Cedar Falls Motorsports Park site, please click here.

It was tracks like the Cedar Falls Raceway that paved the way for casual street rod racing to become a more legitimized sport. Moving street races to designated drag strips, not only improved the safety of racing, but popularized the sport among a new wave of spectators. This site is now dedicated to the sport of hot rod racing. Here you can discover more about the industry’s history, notable drivers, legendary tracks, current race circuits, and so much more.